What are people saying?

"Becky is an amazing and patient teacher! She taught my girls for a few years and they still refer to what they learned from her." -Holli

I loved it. I get a little bit nervous with some adults but Ms. Becky makes me not nervous at all. And I like saying the Spanish words, it is really fun with Ms. Becky! -Kate 

Ms. Becky made it very fun to learn Spanish. She seems to automatically know when I am understanding something and when I am not. She makes me feel very comfortable and her excitement helps me. I can't wait to do more Spanish with Ms. Becky! -Grace

"My kids took Spanish from Mrs. Becky. She is an AMAZING teacher. She is incredibly patient and makes it easy and fun for kids and adults alike to understand and learn a new language. I even was learning new things since I haven't taken a language class since HS! Highly recommend Becky and her classes!!!" -Laura

My kids LOVE learning from Ms. Becky and they want to study and get better because they are learning to love the language and also to please Ms. Becky! So excited that we finally found a great Spanish teacher! -Chanda

Update after last lesson;

"Becky is easy to listen to---doesn't talk too fast. I just have to have many words respoken so that I can figure them out and Becky is very good about clarifying the pronunciation of words. She's also very patient and that is a big plus. I love the kid stories in Spanish which helps me learn Spanish better. Great classes. Many thanks to Becky."

"I just had my first lesson and it was very easy because Becky not only spoke the words but wrote them out for me to see making it much easier to understand and say. I am excited to learn more but I will have to practice what I learned this week." -Joan